„Hidden Places“ Release Show Videos

Watch a (growing) selection of live videos of BV’s „Hidden Places“ release show on August 28, 2015 in Dortmund.

White Witch Woman
Published on Oct 14, 2015

Twisted Knife
Published on Oct 30, 2015

Devil’s Blanket
Published on Nov 17, 2015

Thank you to Dennis Treu and his Team TAPIR (David Döhrer, David Jankowiak and Leyla Brust), who DSLR-recorded this special show. Dennis did a great job editing the material. Stefan Zacharias magically edited the original, full-of-noise-10-track audio into something enjoyable.


Live in Dortmund

BLACK VULPINE live footage of the last two songs („White Witch Woman“ & „The Bone Collector“) of BV’s support show for THE VINTAGE CARAVAN in Dortmund in fall 2014 (Musiktheater Piano).

Both songs are featured on BV’s album „Hidden Places“, released in September 2015.

BV wants to say thank you …
… to Dennis Treu (TAPIR Media) for the video shooting and editing, to Lars Wege (3-Dog-Entertainment) for booking us as the support of THE VINTAGE CARAVAN at this wonderful location, and to all other supporters, in particular the sound crew, who helped us out with the live audio recording.


Album 2014 Recordings

Day One

Hey folks,

we have finally started with the preparations for our album recordings. This is actually the room below our rehearsal room. Drums sound good there. Just hope our neighbours keep quite over the next couple of days …

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four


Making Of „Grace“

Making of video showing the audio recordings to Black Vulpine’s next music video „Grace“. The project, initiated by BV’s favourite photographer Dennis Treu, was started under BV’s former band name newphoria but is going to be finshed by the end of 2013 as BV’s deput music video… Stay tuned!

Find some behind the scenes pics from the videoshoot in Nov 2013 here.


„Stop and Start“ Music Video (2009)

Black Vulpine’s first official music video premiered in 2009 on the „Stop and Start“ album release party (at that time under the fomer band name newphoria).

Actors: Norbert Ripke, Leyla Brust
Director: Daniel Hacker
Assistant Director: Maren Heyn
Camera: David Wesemann
Light Tobias Bieseke, Markus Henkel
Production Design: Manuel Leiphold
Cut and VFX: Daniel Hacker, David Wesemann