Single release: May 2024

Artwork by Sascha Voss /

In May 2024, Black Vulpine are back with a new and heavy single: „Rattlesnake“ is, in essence, about longing for liberation from a limited state. But fear and other dark emotions often hold us back from committing to change. The snake is a metaphor for transcendence that slowly and relentlessly wiggles towards the light, if we have the courage to break free from self-imposed shackles and open ourselves to change, self-reflection and growth.

Black Vulpine #StayAtHome

Release: April 2020

Full (pre-pandemic) show performed November 2019 in Dortmund, Germany (Check your Head  Vol. 2).

Veil Nebula

Album release: March 2019

Artwork by Sascha Voss /

With a good deal of doom and sludge added to that unique sound, the second studio album was being worked on since 2017. Supported by the German band sponsorship „Initiative Musik“, the album „Veil Nebula“ was produced and finally released in March 2019 on Moment of Collapse records as a double LP (CD and digital).


Single release: February 2019

A film by Natalie Plaskura

Winner of the award for Best Music video at the European Cinematography Awards in Amsterdam, Edition February, 2019.


Single release: December 2018

A film by Dennis Treu

Hidden Places

Album release: September 2015

Artwork by Sascha Voss /

With a new name and a refined, thicker sound, Black Vulpine released their debut album “Hidden Places” on Moment of Collapse Records in September 2015 (CD, LP and digital). The eleven tracks featured heavy stoner guitar riffs spiced with powerful and soulful vocals.


Release: January 2014

A film by Dennis Treu