What happened to newphoria?

Nothing. We’re still the same four guys. It’s just that our music has evolved constantly over the past 10 years so that we ultimately felt it was time for a change. We are convinced that we can excite you people with a completely new package.

To make this clear once more: we’re definitely proud of everything we’ve achieved and experienced as the band known as newphoria. Now, we are looking forward to everything that will come …


About Black Vulpine

BLACK VULPINE have been growing together since 2004 where the female fronted stoner quartet from Dortmund, Germany, has begun to find its sound between names such as Kylesa, Baroness or Red Fang! Formerly know as Newphoria, the band collected and gained experience playing shows throughout the country.
With a new name and a refined, thicker sound BLACK VULPINE released a 3-song demo in November 2013 on Moment of Collapse Records.