Hidden Places ranks #2/25 in VISIONS editorial album charts

The music magazine VISIONS features a positive story & interview, an album review and an editorial album charts ranking of Black Vulpine’s „Hidden Places“ in their latest issue (271/ 10-2015) available since September 30, 2015. The track „Drowning in Lakes“ is present as the third track on the VISIONS sampler right after BOYSETSFIRE and DEAHTHEAVEN.

Out of 25 new albums „Hidden Places“ was voted on rank two by VISIONS‘ editorial staff with equal scores as BOYSETSFIRE’s „Boysetsfire“ and CASPIAN’s „Dust and Disquiet“.

Under the category „Schönheiten“ (engl. Beauties) „Hidden Places“ is discussed in depth and recommeded to fans of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE’s „Rated R“ and MELISSA AUF DER MAUR’s „Out of our Minds“.

Finally, a four pages feature on Black Vulpine and „Hidden Places“ by Carsten Sandkämper interleaves interview snippets with dedicated track reviews and some background on Black Vulpine’s and Hidden Places‘ history of origins.


„Hidden Places goes Vinyl“ campaign


Hidden Places

That’s how our new album is going to be entitled. And we WANT to release it as a real vinyl record!

This is why we launched a „Hidden Places goes Vinyl“ campaign on just yesterday. And we already got more than 25 fans within less than 24 hours! This means that we can lift the campaign to the next level pretty soon … Keep supporting us! THANX!!!

The campaign was more than successful! Thank you so much!!!

In addition to a limited set of special vinyl copies for our supporters we were able to produce CDs…



Collection of Demo 2013 Reviews

Realizing that there are a couple of reviews about our debut Demo out there by now, I thought it might be helpful to create a (to the best of our knowledge) complete and uncensored list here:








What happened to newphoria?

Nothing. We’re still the same four guys. It’s just that our music has evolved constantly over the past 10 years so that we ultimately felt it was time for a change. We are convinced that we can excite you people with a completely new package.

To make this clear once more: we’re definitely proud of everything we’ve achieved and experienced as the band known as newphoria. Now, we are looking forward to everything that will come …


About Black Vulpine

BLACK VULPINE have been growing together since 2004 where the female fronted stoner quartet from Dortmund, Germany, has begun to find its sound between names such as Kylesa, Baroness or Red Fang! Formerly know as Newphoria, the band collected and gained experience playing shows throughout the country.
With a new name and a refined, thicker sound BLACK VULPINE released a 3-song demo in November 2013 on Moment of Collapse Records.