Preview „Hidden Places“ Album

Our upcoming debut album, which will be entitled „Hidden Places“, is presumably going to be released in June. The mastering is just finished now. Within the next few days we will start a crowdfunding campaign on By pre-ordering the album (or merch or other exclusive rewards) there, you can support us to make it a vinyl release!!!

So stay tuned…


Album 2014 Recordings

Day One

Hey folks,

we have finally started with the preparations for our album recordings. This is actually the room below our rehearsal room. Drums sound good there. Just hope our neighbours keep quite over the next couple of days …

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four


Music Video „Grace“

It’s finally there!

We’re proud to release our first music video after our band name change in the last year. Hope you like it.

Thanks again to Dennis, who did a brilliant job, and is family for supporting us (and him).

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Collection of Demo 2013 Reviews

Realizing that there are a couple of reviews about our debut Demo out there by now, I thought it might be helpful to create a (to the best of our knowledge) complete and uncensored list here:








Swedish Demo Review

For the Swedish natives amongst you: find a review about our Demo at this music blog.

Frankly, we have little clue what the review actually says but g**gle translate generates some interesting output. Give it a try …

Thanks to Magnus @ Spader Ess for his support.

Ah, right: merry Christmas, everyone!